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Frost ´The Legend`

It has been almost three years since the end of prospankin, however we should never forget the legend Frost aka Tiuso. This newspost is a reminder to all existing members who had the pleasure to play with Frost. And for any new visitors, you can read the story of the best call of duty player of prospankin.

When Frost first joined prospankin he only recently started playing call of duty. Even though he was just a beginner he proved himself to be a valuable player in the public servers. I didn´t take long before the admins of prospankin starting using Frost for their scrims against other top tier clans. Frost was a quick learner and his teammembers always wanted him in their team. In his prime he always managed to win scrims for prospankin. I didn´t matter if he was up against 4 or 5 players all by himself, he still won rounds. I didn´t take long before other clans starting praising Frost as the best player of Call of Duty. People who couldn´t handle his steady aim and his clear and analytical thinking started calling him a hacker. However, we are proud to tell you that to this day Frost has never used hacks. I get tears in my thinking about all of his triumps in Call of Duty. We will always remember him as the legend of prospankin.

Some of his achievements:
* Only player ever in the history of prospankin to get an elo score of 1600+ in the 1v1 ladder
* Voted most handsome player prospankin in 2013 & 2015
* Voted most handsome player Call of duty in 2015
* Most MVP scored in prospankin in 2011 & 2012 & 2013
* Proclaimed youngest talent Call of duty in the World championships of 2012 & 2013
* Won the World championships finals in 2013 vs NorthernKingz and won the award for best player of the tournament

Thanks for the amazing times Frost! We wish you the best of luck in your future life.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi everyone,

It's been a year now since the official close of prs.
But still... it has been a good year, with the meet up earlier this year, gathering some of the clan's legendary bitches and some other bitches from a clan called euro.
Every now and then the prs tag still proudly pops up in the cod scene as well, and it brings us back to the best days on cod :)

Since we just passed Christmas and 2016 is coming up, we're taking the oportunity to wish everyone happy holidays and all the best for 2016, keep spreading the positive energy in 2016 :)

Love from Santa Jan and Reindeer kille (Zax was hungover and couldn't pull the sleigh anymore)

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"The End"

Hi everyone!

With FactioN and Rapid leaving, we had a tough decision to make.

Prospankin as a clan is gone. It will instead remain as a community of friends that still want to have some fun from time to time. We are all too inactive and it won't get any better starting new year.

Recruitment is closed.

Website & Teamspeak server will stay for all members & friends to use.

Thanks to everyone that helped making good memories of PRS throughout the years - we've had a good run! See you on the "battlefield"! :)

prospankin -management-

P.S.: If anyone wants to grab a beer with the leaders of prs, sisu and EURO in Amsterdam in February, contact the management for more info. xD

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  • 20/09 @ 14:27
    I agree with Xfire though I lost so many screenshots
  • 20/09 @ 14:27
    Hey Maarten you mooi boy (or however you spell it) xD
  • 06/09 @ 19:56
    No steam, I want xfire back:*(
  • 24/08 @ 17:07
    maarten heb je steam?
  • 23/08 @ 21:54
    haha maybe we will play vs eachother
  • 23/08 @ 15:07
    but hey we lost our best player to bbQ ONCE AGAIN. traitor :/
  • 23/08 @ 15:07
    Did you guys mention anything on whatsapp ? :O
  • 21/08 @ 12:33
    hah nice to hear :D and I definitely agree! :D
  • 19/08 @ 20:57
    suup let's gather on steam get into sum scrims
  • 19/08 @ 08:26
  • 19/08 @ 08:26
    Hmmm...okey..there is always whores..nut otherwise ;)
  • 19/08 @ 08:25
    Hilariou´s moments...cant buy that stuff with money
  • 19/08 @ 08:24
    Guys were scrimmiong one day...deffo worth of getting back to this shit..
  • 19/08 @ 08:23
    im deffo in ;:)
  • 18/08 @ 14:06
    hehe :D seems like we're a bit short of a team ;)
  • 16/08 @ 19:56
    sure, count me in
  • 14/08 @ 21:54
    Maybe : D
  • 14/08 @ 21:53
  • 12/08 @ 11:07
    anyone up for the last cod cup? =)
  • 11/08 @ 19:52
    i miss you guys :(
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